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Hi, I’m Gabby! 

I help people re-connect with their emotions and bodies. 

Perfectionism, binge eating and bulimia, OCD are all areas I have special interest in. 

Yoga, CBT, ACT and CFT are tools I can offer. 

But most of all, I offer a space for you to heal and grow as a person.

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What's on the blog?

Imagine, how much you can improve your life in just a few months' time. By working on what you struggle with and focusing on clear goals, you can live a life that's more fulfilling.


Don't take my word for it

"Gabby is such a knowledgable, passionate, inspiring and encouraging person which shines through in her yoga teaching abilities. I had never tried yoga before, but Gabby has introduced me to many yoga practices as a beginner which have been invigorating, fun, and healing. Gabby has provided yoga through the online platform zoom which has worked wonderfully due to her clearly describing and demonstrating each movement as we go. I would highly recommend Gabby as a yoga teacher for meaningful and empowering practices. Thank you Gabby."

Amy Bailey, yoga beginner