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Hi, I'm Gabby.

Experienced psychotherapist, yoga and mindfulness teacher.

I work with stuck midlifers, who feel overwhelmed and lost in the tsunami of tasks. 


You will be pleased to hear I did the work for you: spending over 10 years in the mental health space (inc. NHS), helped me distill techniques that make a real difference. 

And I want to share this knowledge with you, so you don't have to wait another year to feel better.

I only use evidence-based practices and adhere to strict professional guidelines (BABCP). This also means I attend lots of trainings, which is fun!

There is no hocus-pocus involved, and I don't offer a magic cure. I show up as a vulnerable human being and I ask the same from you.


But I can promise you this: it's totally doable.


Skills to manage emotions can be learnt, it's never too late.

And if, along the journey we find some skeletons in the cupboard (yes, sometimes we do), well, that's something we can deal with too.

Hit me up with an email here or book here for a short, free, initial discovery call.

Don't take my word for it (aka testimonials)

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"On the 28th of April 2021, I was discharged from therapy after over a year of working with Gabby. Throughout this time there was long pauses, particularly at the end of summer. However, due to the help Gabby provided I can say I’m at a place where I really never truly believed I would get to.

My experience with Gabby was incredibly positive. She never cancelled an appointment and was incredibly professional throughout. I had been incredibly apprehensive from the beginning as I had believed that by committing myself to therapy, I was admitting I was crazy. This was really quickly put out of my mind due to the relaxed demeanor and calm and patient and caring attitude she carried. It didn’t feel like I was being diagnosed, even though I had been trying to diagnose myself as I was desperate to figure out why I felt why I did and to stop feeling that way."  Bill

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What I'm working on:

I write articles on Medium, sometimes a summary of them make it to my blog over here.

If I am not working, you most likely find me on or in some open water, I also like to make stuff and go on long nature walks.