Therapy, Mindfulness, Yoga

Hi, I'm Gabby, CBT therapist and mindfulness teacher, specialising in treating anxiety disorders and stress.

This means I am qualified (see list below) and have a very specialist knowledge of anxiety disorders and depression, insured and accredited, so you are in safe hands.

The sessions I offer are always tailored to your unique needs. I use humour, out of the box techniques and practical examples to help you understand the way forward. 

Take it as you have someone who is there to cheer you on, but at the same time, there to challenge you and push you a little bit further.

Who knows what you can achieve unless you try and leave your comfort zone?

I did mention I am qualified, right? So here are some details about the most important courses, if you are curious about anything else, feel free to get in touch.

This is what matters if you don't want to read on:

10 years experience in the field of mental health; 3 years post qualification CBT experience and 7 years+ continuous NHS work experience. 


  • May 2015 - May 2016 Postgraduate studies - Postgraduate degree in High Intensity Therapies - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Canterbury Christ Church University

  • September 2004 - September 2009 BA, MA in Psychology, undergraduate studies, University of Debrecen. Full time University training, combined course including bachelors and masters.

Formal Mindfulness training

  • Mindfulness residential training (MBCT) was completed in April 2018 with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre

  • Mindfulness - Finding peace in a frantic world course, Oxford Mindfulness Centre, 2019