Slowing down is very hard.

But so is running on empty.

Feeling irritated.

Feeling too stressed or anxious.

Days going by without calling back someone you love.

Being wrapped up in the cloak of socially approved busy-ness.

Comparing yourself to others and not letting it show what you struggle with.


I’ve been there.


I couldn’t imagine anything more terrible than slowing down, as it felt like a threat. I didn’t realise running on empty became the new normal. Like I will miss out on something, unless I do this one more thing. I judged myself and others for taking time out to work on themselves or whose who took time to meditate and nourished their souls. “I thought, what a waste of time”.


Oh, how wrong I was.


Just how much is your wellbeing worth? How much are you willing to sacrifice?


Because isn’t it true that we all want to live a healthy life: eat the right things, lose the weight, think the right things, exercise, sleep well, enjoy our work and days off, enjoy fulfilling relationships.


But what are the steps you are taking to achieve these?


You might have tried to get some quick fixes – tried this app or that course and they didn’t work in the long term. You perhaps signed up for a course to learn some “techniques” or to learn to “relax” and it didn’t work.


I did these things too, and they didn’t work for me either. I can list lots of mindfulness apps I downloaded, opened once and then never visited again.



However. A lot has changed.


I started practicing being present in yoga classes. And then when I was training to be a therapist I attended a mindfulness course…


I didn’t expect it to help at all. (my motto was “I am fine”). 


I thought it was not possible to slow down and sit with my thoughts.


Yet, it was life changing.


Mindfulness affected how I scheduled my life – and slowly I noticed my mind is quieter more often. I started to seek peace and quiet instead of more stimulation. I did let go of things I don’t need, this included possessions, thought patterns and relationships too. I found more joy in everyday activities and simplicity.



And you can too.

Here's how:

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