• Gabby

Emotions are like waves

Well, they are designed as such. Yet, we quite often try to hold onto them. Hold onto happiness, must be the way to stay happy. And then something comes up and it’s gone, because we were never supposed to hold onto it in the first place.

If emotions are like waves, they are supposed to come and go, that’s it. They leave a temporary mark, whether that’s good or bad. They are not the problem. The way we deal with them is the issue.

We cling onto them or we want to get rid of them. None of these work with an entity that wants to roam free just like the waves of the ocean.

Fair enough, some waves are stronger than others. Some we barely notice. And there are ones, we don’t expect and they grab our attention completely.

And create other emotions as a result.

This is the process that can lead to further issues down the line. Depression because we are overwhelmed or ashamed, perhaps traumatised. Anxiety because we are terrified.

Getting rid of them is not the way forward. Nor holding onto them. So then what do we do?

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