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Just give it a go!

I have been out on the water this morning, and it was lovely. I find it’s a great opportunity to gather my thoughts. It’s also a time for my mind and body to stretch.

I quite often use this in meditation, where I sit and allow my mind to virtually stretch into the space around me. This might sound weird, but it’s a lovely way to create space between thoughts, emotions and sensations, and allow them to be. Space around these also means there is time to respond and decide what needs more attention.

I’ve been preparing a lot for this coming September. We all feel the uncertainty but at the same time, life doesn’t stop, and we are lucky and privileged if this is our perception of the current situation unfolding.

I’ve decided to continue challenging my fears, and just give things a go.

I’m taking the plunge and will teach in person yoga in a brick and mortar space. I am taking a risk as I don’t have too big of a following yet.

I would like to help more people explore the gift of mindfulness, and I am challenging my belief of “no one will be interested, why do you bother”.

I keep offering therapy sessions to people, who ask for help and are willing and ready to challenge themselves or work on what’s not going well in their lives. They are all taking a risk.

But the payoff is great. I look at my own life and see how much I’ve grown as a person, as a therapist and as a teacher. I am aware how much more I need to learn, but I am happy where I am – mostly. And I am privileged to see how people I come in contact with through various channels (yoga, mindfulness, therapy) improve their lives. They work hard for it and then reap the rewards.

Looking after your wellbeing doesn’t have to be complicated, and who knows, maybe something you thought about trying – but never did – will turn out to be a new passion and will lift your spirits.

So yeah, just give things a go! Challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone.

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