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Start talking...

I thought about how to start blogging again* long and hard. The more I thought about topics, the more overwhelmed I felt, so it was easier to put it off. At the same time, I knew that I have so much to say, so much to share but something stopped me. Have you felt this way about something? And if so, what helped you to get started?

For me, here is the proof that the action first, motivation later motto still works - added a blog to the site and actually written something, even if this is not strictly professional. But it will be, I promise.

I named this blog "start talking" purely because it's a reminder for myself to start talking and keep talking. As a therapist, it's easy to stay quiet and to stay in the background. After all, what I care about is the person who sits on the other chair.

Over the years I learnt that our stories are powerful - the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we hear too. And the stories we don't talk about - the ones which become a secret, something shame feasts on. J.K Rowling says "no story lives unless someone wants to listen". So here I am, hoping to bring you topics, thoughts, and stories of interest. And I am here to listen with an open heart.

*again: I used to enjoy blogging many many years ago, met some wonderful bloggers, some of them we became close friends. And I still enjoy reading my favourite blogs.

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