“Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self”

The Bhagavad Gita


 Space to experience the mind-body connection through simple and gentle movements and shapes. Discover your inner strength and wisdom stored in your body. Learn to slow down and be present.


Starting yoga can be scary and triggering.


You might struggle with pain and tension and yoga has been recommended, but you don’t know where to start.

Or you can’t switch off and your thoughts are racing all the time. Still, slowing down somehow feels impossible as there is so much to do…


Perhaps you tried following some Youtube videos or some busy online classes but you couldn’t connect with them. You didn’t feel heard and seen.


You might want to lose weight, or feel like you are doing some “exercise”. So slowing down and attending a yoga class might feel counterproductive.

Yoga at Home

I hear you. I had my own doubts too.

Before starting my teacher training I tried many different types of classes. Some of them I attended regularly (i.e. for years) and some I only tried for a few months. They all had different benefits –either physically or mentally, but long-term they didn’t feel sustainable.


Yet, somehow, I generally managed to avoid a slow or “restorative” class. Because I wanted to do the physical practice. I wanted to “work out”. I didn’t understand that I can have a different experience in a yoga class, which also brings on a different experience with my body.


I started to listen to my body (and mind) more and started to do yoga with my body. I stopped working against what was available in the moment.

And just this simple shift, resulted in more change than I ever imagined.


My body became stronger. My mind more present. Less was more. Slow became nourishing and the source of compassion. Respecting my body and creating a long-term, sustainable practice.


As I am now a qualified yoga teacher, I would like to share this with you.


One to one yoga:

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Group classes:


Currently outdoors


Booking essential for both online and face to face classes:


a body

  • some physical space

  • time – around 60 minutes


Optional extras to make your practice more comfortable:

  • a mat or thick rug

  • blanket or blankets

  • cushions or yoga blocks or bricks

  • a strap or scarf or dressing gown strap

  • maybe even a yoga bolster cushion

Amy Bailey, 28, yoga beginner

Yoga with Gabby is:

therapy mindfulness yoga.jpg

Gabby is such a knowledgable, passionate, inspiring and encouraging person which shines through in her yoga teaching abilities. I had never tried yoga before, but Gabby has introduced me to many yoga practices as a beginner which have been invigorating, fun, and healing. Gabby has provided yoga through the online platform zoom which has worked wonderfully due to her clearly describing and demonstrating each movement as we go. I would highly recommend Gabby as a yoga teacher for meaningful and empowering practices. Thank you Gabby.